Top three recycling bins

Recycling is becoming more important than ever as households try to become as green as possible, and there are a number of things that you can do to play your part. One of these is recycling, which can be made far easier and neater when you have a recycling bin.

Featuring different compartments for different types of waste, these top three recycling bins will help you and your family to do your bit for the environment.

Stainless steel recycling bin
Maison & White Compact Recycling Pedal Bin
W63 × D44 × H36 cm
Available online at

When it comes to recycling bins, the Maison & White Compact Recycling Pedal Bin is a hit with customers due to its neat design and its two 20L compartments. Each compartment can be opened using a colour coded pedal, which makes it extra hygienic as you don’t need to make contact with the bin itself.

The pedals are yellow and green, making it very obvious which compartment is which, and will make it easy to encourage children in the house to recycle efficiently too.

The Maison & White Compact Recycling Pedal Bin also makes a seamless task of taking out the rubbish, as each compartment has a dedicated handle which means that it can be removed easily without splitting your bin bags. The bin lids have been designed to close neatly and seal in odours too, ensuring that your kitchen always smells fresh.

White metal recycle bin with 3 compartments
Songmics Triple Trash Can
W61 × D31 × H56 cm
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The Songmics Triple Trash Can is extra handy as it has three separate compartments, meaning that you can sort three types of recycling with ease.

Boasting a strong steel exterior, this recycling bin is very durable, and you’ll be pleased to know that it has a buffer mechanism which ensures that the lids close softly and silently, capturing odours as they do so.

The Songmics Triple Trash Can is operated using pedals, which is handy when you don’t have a free hand to open the bin with, and makes it a hygienic option too.

When you need to empty the Songmics Triple Trash Can, simply remove the required bucket using the convenient handle. The removable buckets make cleaning the different compartments easy too.

Recycling bin with foot operation
Black + Decker 40L Duo Recycling Bin
W39 × D34 × H60 cm
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Boasting two 20L buckets for separating your general waste and recycling, the Black + Decker 40L Duo Recycling Bin boasts a contemporary look and a soft closing lid. This pedal-operated bin provides a hands free experience when it comes to recycling, which also makes it convenient when you need to scrape leftovers off of plates.

Made from hard wearing stainless steel, the Black + Decker 40L Duo Recycling Bin has been created to be fingerprint proof, which keeps it looking sleek and clean at all times. The bin has two removable plastic liners which make it easy to take out the rubbish, and the bin can be cleaned by simply wiping it over with a damp cloth whenever required.

Now that you know all about the top three recycling bins, choose the one that’s right for you and start recycling your waste with ease today.

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