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Rhiannon – Hi, I would like an elements ply wood bookcase but the link to dunelm says it is out of stock. Do you know if new stock is expected and if so when please? Many thanks READ MORE…

Hi Rhiannon, I couldn’t say for sure, since Dunelm don’t tell us, but it’s likely this will be discontinued. The range was popular but other pieces have also gone out of stock and not returned.

You could try asking them directly although it’s hit and miss whether you get a straight answer. 🙂

Best wishes and sorry I couldn’t help more.


John – In this article it says that a ‘con’ of cordless irons is that they have batteries. In fact most (all?) cordless irons do not have batteries. I hope this is useful and the article can be corrected. READ MORE…

Thanks for getting in touch John, can you explain how cordless irons don’t have batteries? How are they powered otherwise?

Rebecca – Hi Can you tell me if you are the manufacturers of the Lancaster Shoe cabinet please. I have a flat pack and there are fixtures missing so I need the fixtures in order to complete assembly. READ MORE…

Hi, the Lancaster shoe cabinets are sold by Dunelm, if there are parts missing then you should contact them to arrange a return. Spare parts are not usually available for this kind of product, if this is what you’re after.

Mike – Hi. I am about to place an order with John Lewis for six of the the 21cm high like it stacking boxes in grey colour. As width is critical I am a little confused, as on their site the white colour is shown as 32cm wide and the grey as 33cm can you confirm the correct size please. Thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Mike – We don’t make the Like-it Stacking Drawers so can’t answer specifically. There is always a degree of approximation with these things and it could be the actual size is somewhere in between the two?

All I can suggest is that you order the boxes and return them if the size is not suitable. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Best wishes.

Frances Skelton – Hello. I am looking for a Chevall mirror with storage. I see a page on your website with photos of some. The top photo is of an oak piece which would be ideal but there is no info relating to it. Would you be able to supply any details? READ MORE…

Hi Frances, the item was the Push Floor Standing Mirror which was available via John Lewis. Alas, it has now sold out. Sorry for the confusion.

Lisa – Hi I am looking for a corner coat and shoe storage unit and on Pinterest it shows one and gives your site as a link to visit however I can’t find them? READ MORE…

Hi Lisa, if the link doesn’t work then the item is probably discontinued. We haven’t poste anything on Pinterest for a long time so this is the most likely explanation.

Sorry for the confusion and best wishes.


Hey Sheila, yes you can sit on the bench and the maximum weight is 80kg, (176lb).

Chelsie – Hi, are your metro tall wide bookcases in oak still available. I cant find them anywhere and they are no longer available on very. Thanks. READ MORE…

Hi Chelsie, only the Metro Tall Wide Extra Deep Bookcase – Oak Effect is available at the moment.

The range is being rebranded and more options will become available in the coming weeks.

Becky – Can the drawers be put on a delicate wash to give a good clean? Obviously taking out cardboard… READ MORE…

Canvas drawers are usually designed to wiped clean rather than a proper wash and, sometimes, it isn’t always easy to remove the cardboard inserts and to insert then afterwards. You don’t say which drawers you’re referring to but, generally speaking, you should be OK BUT at your own risk.