Food Waste Bins

It doesn’t matter how efficient you are in the kitchen, there is always going to be some waste to deal with, and it’s not always the most pleasant stuff to deal with. Vegetable peelings and small scraps of food soon start to stink if they’re not disposed of properly.

A lot of folks just throw it straight in the kitchen bin, which can be smelly if it’s left overnight. Some just flush it down the loo (shock, horror!), which isn’t exactly recommended either.

The other option is to invest in a special waste food bin and, although this is yet another expense, you’ll soon appreciate how convenient it is; a lot more eco-friendly too.

There are lots of units that are not only well designed and good looking but they are also small enough to sit on a counter-top – which makes it easy to dispose of food waste as you cook.

Then you can put the lid and forget about it until your next trip to the outside bin or, ideally, your compost heap.

Compact food wast bin
Addis 2.5 Litre Kitchen Compost Caddy
Aa convenient size for placing on a worktop with good looks you don’t need to hide it away.
W25 × D18 × H18 cm
Available in white/grey and black/grey from
Vintage style metal food waste bins
Metal Kitchen Compost Bin
These vintage style bins have a 3-litre capacity and the lid has a built-in odour filter. Available in blue, sage, cream and grey.
W16 × D12 × H24 cm
White food bin with green liner
OXO Good Grips Compost Bin
A good lucking bin with a convenient carry handle. Available in white or grey.
W18 × D18 × H18 cm
Worktop food waste bin
Brabantia Sort and Go Food Waste Caddy
A versatile 6-litre bins, available in white, yellow, mint and grey.
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