Top sensor bins for your kitchen

There are a number of reasons why you should opt for a sensor bin over a manual bin. Firstly, a sensor bin is far more hygienic as you don’t need to touch it in order to throw things away – ensuring that you don’t spread germs between surfaces.

Secondly, sensor bins make it very easy to dispose of rubbish and scrape off plates, as you don’t need to have a free hand in order to operate it.

Finally, a sensor bin will lock in odours and keep your kitchen smelling fresh, as the lid is never open for too long.

Ready to buy a sensor bin? Here are some of our favourites.

Black recycling bin with touch lid
Tower 58L Sensor Bin
(Available from

The black and rose gold Tower 58L Square Sensor Bin can add elegance and style to any home, and will ensure that you have as little contact with it as possible. The bin’s lid will automatically lift when something is brought close to the sensor, and will close after five seconds of inactivity.

The Tower 58L Square Sensor Bin also has an override panel for if you want to open and close it manually – which adds an element of control and safety to the design. The main body of the bin is steel covered with a black, non-corrosive coating, and the lid is an on-trend rose gold tone.

If you’re looking for an efficient sensor bin that will look nice in your kitchen – the Tower 58L Square Sensor Bin ticks all the boxes.

Stainless steel bin with sensor lid
VonHaus Sensor Bin
(Available from

Able to seamlessly blend into any kitchen, the VonHaus 50L Sensor Bin comes highly rated thanks to its simple design and ease of use. Made from durable steel, this bin reacts when you wave your hand over it, allowing you to dispose of rubbish or scrape off plates before it automatically closes again.

The VonHaus 50L Sensor Bin’s large capacity makes it ideal for family home, and it can be used manually if you prefer. Internal press rings will hold your bin liner in place and make it very easy to remove it once it’s full – meaning that you can say goodbye to having to wrestle with uncooperative bin bags every time you need to change them.

Stainless steel bin with sensor lid
NETTA 80L Kitchen Sensor Bin
(Available from

If you’re on the hunt for a large sensor bin, the NETTA 80L Kitchen Sensor Bin will do the trick. Boasting an 80L capacity, this bin is plenty big enough to suit large families – and it looks sleek and modern too due to its stainless steel design.

The NETTA 80L Kitchen Sensor Bin opens automatically when required thanks to its infrared technology, meaning that you don’t need to touch it in order to dispose of rubbish or food waste. Another benefit of this sensor bin is that it has a fingerprint resistant finish, which keeps it looking fresh and clean, plus it features a non-slip base meaning that it will sit securely in place.

Now you know all about some of the best sensor bins, choose the one that suits you and bring convenience to your kitchen today.

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