Titan Trash Compactor

If you hate emptying your kitchen bin you’ll love this new design from Josep Joseph. A robust kitchen waste bin with a compacting mechanism, so it can hold 3 times more trash than any unit of a similar size.

Kitchen bin with built-in compactor
Stainless steel trash compactor
Stone coloured compacting waste bin
Internal compacting mechanism

Taking trash from the kitchen bin to your wheelie bin outside is one of those jobs that most of us always put off as long as we can. Of course, we always regret leaving it so long but keep doing the same nonetheless.

This is what makes this clever design ideal because, when it’s full, you can just push the internal handle downwards and make room for another load.

When compacted, the bin will hold 3 times as much as any other bin of a similar size – so you can safely take the rubbish out 3 times less often than you do now.

The lid also has a built-in odour filter, so you don’t have to worry about nasty smells either.

The bin has an all metal body and comes in stainless steel or with a stone coloured paint finish.

Dimensions: W39 × D29 × H68 cm

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