Recycle Bags

Recycling bins and containers are available in all manner of shapes and sizes these days but, like many solutions, the simplest and least expensive options are all too easily overlooked.

These recycle bags are one such example that do the job perfectly well and don’t cost the Earth. There are, of course, a multitude of different designs but they all serve the same purpose and here are just a few examples…

Set of 3 colour coded recycling bags
Housewares Recycle Bags
A set of 3 colour-coded and labelled bags with a generic recycling logo. The bags are washable and can be attached to each other too.
Each bag measures: W31 × D30 × H44cm
Available from
Brightly coloured recycling bags
Recycle bags with Velcro attachments
These durable bags can be attached to each other with Velcro to help keep your kitchen tidy.
Each bag measures: W30 × D30 × H40cm
Available from
3 brightly coloured recycling bags
Recycle Box Bins
These orange, green and blue bags will brighten up your kitchen and also feature a Velcro attachment.
Each bag measures: W30 × D30 × H40cm
Available from
set of 3 tall recycling bags
Perfetto Set of 3 Recycle Bags
These bags can be folded flat when not in use and have integral carry handles.
Each bag measures: W30 × D10 × H30cm
Available from
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