Bo Touch Bin

Can a waste bin be described as beautiful or even as a piece of designer kitchen furniture? Well, Brabantia think so and, looking at this new range of Bo Touch Bins, it’s hard to disagree.

The design features a painted steel body mounted on adjustable, black non-slip legs with a black, soft-touch opening lid. They come with one, two or three plastic liners so you can use for everyday kitchen waste storage or for separating recyclables.

Yellow bin with single liner
Bo Touch Bin with 1 Inner Bucket
With a 36-litre capacity. Dimensions: W54 × D31.5 × H68
Red kitchen bin with 2 buckets
Bo Touch Bin with 2 Inner Buckets
With 1 × 23-litre and 1 × 11-litre capacity bins.
54 × D31.5 × H68 cm
Black designer bin with 3 compartments
Bo Touch Bin with 3 Inner Buckets
With 3 × 11-litre capacity bins.
W54 × D31.5 × H68 cm
Bin Colours

Choose from a range of bright colours or plain steel with fingerprint-proof coatings. Daisy Yellow, Matt Steel, Passion Red, Matt Black, Platinum, and White.

These bins are not just good-looking either, they’re tough and come with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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