What Are Instant Boiling Water Taps?

Instant boiling water taps are becoming increasingly common in new homes, and are also popular among home-owners renovating their kitchens. These time-saving, eco-friendly gadgets are more affordable than you might think, and are handy for amateur chefs and busy home-makers alike.

While the idea of an instant hot water tap is only just gaining popularity in the UK, other countries have been using similar devices for many years. The Japanese refer to their taps as “Hot Pots” – insulated tanks which store large amounts of boiling water. In the USA, the taps are called “Steaming Hot Water Taps”, and offer instant 98 degree water. Similar taps are also popular in Sweden and Australia.

Zip taps, Quooker, and other instant hot/boiling water taps give you access to boiling water whenever you want it. Some of the more sophisticated models also offer instant access to cold water on demand. This can be incredibly useful for a time-strapped homeowner.

These taps pre-heat water and store it in a small tank which is hidden under the sink. Usually, the tanks are quite small (storing about three litres of water). The tanks are well insulated, so keeping the water boiling is not expensive. If you know that you are going to be away from home for a while you can turn off the heating at the tank, ensuring that no energy is wasted.

You can use this instant hot water for making cups of tea or coffee, preparing stock or soups, and for other general cooking tasks. If you stop to think about how much time you spend waiting around for the kettle to boil, using an instant hot water tap becomes an incredibly attractive proposition. For a self-employed person, a frequent cook, or a busy parent, the time savings will quickly mount up.

Of course, if you work in an office, the thought of having your five minute coffee run turned into a break of just a few seconds is probably far less appealing, but it’s unlikely that the average office will update their kitchen any time soon.