Zip Domestic Hydrotap

Right then where to start with Zip? I won’t go into to much detail about boiling hot water taps in general as this was covered in Kev’s previous post with the ISE instant hot water tap but as far as instant boiling water taps go Zip are the cream of the crop.

Instant hot water tap

Zip Heaters, manufacturers of the Zip HydroTap, are world leaders in instant boiling water and set the technological pace in time-saving, energy-saving, water conservation and user safety.

Whichever model of Zip HydroTap, MiniBoil or ChillTap you choose, you can definitely be sure of one thing. Nobody offers you a more advanced boiling or chilled filtered water system for your home than Zip.

There are some really unique key features which really set this tap above any other, the first thing that tends to come to peoples minds especially families with younger children is the possibility of someone scolding themselves.

The Hydrotap has a few different options when it comes to the safety button, you can have it set so that you must press the safety button down at the same time as the tap lever to produce boiling water, if the lever is pressed without the button it will not work.

If this still seems to easy and you wish to be even more cautious you can set the tap so that when you press the safety button 3 times it completely locks the hot water aspect of the tap, you must then press it again 3 times to reactivate it.

There is also the option to disable the safety feature completely if you do not require it.

The Zip Hydrotap was originally produced for the commercial market (office / workplace etc) but with the high increase in demand for products like this in a home environment the domestic model was produced.

With the most popular model being the DOMBC1, not only does this model produce 98°C hot water it also does chilled filtered water meaning that you would no longer need to buy bottled water or Brita filters, you would have it instantly on tap. Here I have listed the Features, Benefits and Options:


  • Boiling filtered water, instantly.
  • Chilled filtered water, instantly.
  • Boiling & Chilled temperature status indicators.
  • Fingertip control for filling cups.
  • Hands-free filling for large vessels.
  • Safety lock requires finger/thumb operation to access boiling water.
  • Safety lock activated indicator light.
  • Boiling water supply can be isolated.
  • Precise boiling temperature control.
  • Optional energy saving sleep mode powers down or powers off after 2 hours non-use.
  • Sleep mode indication.
  • System returns to normal operation from sleep mode when tap next used.
  • Programmable 24/7 timer shuts system down during periods of known inactivity.
  • Superior sub-micron filtration.


  • Boiling filtered water always on tap for tea, coffee, hot drinks and cooking.
  • Chilled filtered water always on tap for great-tasting, healthier drinks.
  • Eliminates kettles and kettle leads.
  • Energy-efficient, reduces running costs.


  • Install at the sink or on an optional ‘font’ (away from sink) to accommodate larger vessels.
  • Tap finishes: bright chrome, brushed chrome, black chrome or genuine gold plated.
  • Scale management filter.

If you were wondering what sort of money it costs to run one of these bad boys you need look no further. Costs vary according to power supplier and your usage. Assuming a cost of 10p per kW and with a sleep mode operating in 24, estimated energy cost is less than 10p a day.

The estimated added cost for heating and chilling water dispensed is: Boiling water eight 167ml cups for 1p (that’s 800 cups for £1) and for Chilled water twenty 200ml glasses for 1p (that’s 2,000 glasses for £1)

Voted number 1 must have Kitchen Gadget for a few years now this product really is a fantastic addition to any new or existing Kitchen.