Three of the best stand mixers available

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A stand mixer is a necessity for those who love to bake cakes and make bread, but there are so many on the market that it can be difficult to choose which one to purchase. Here, we share three of the best stand mixers available so that you can make an informed choice for your kitchen.

Kenwood KMix KMX754 Stand Mixer

The Kenwood KMix KMX754 stand mixer is the top rated stand mixer by Which? thanks to the fact that it’s a great all-rounder. This stand mixer can help you to complete a whole range of kitchen tasks, including kneading, whisking, mixing, and whipping, making it a very handy appliance to have in the kitchen.

Kenwood mixer
Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer
Available from

Boasting a retro design, the Kenwood KMix KMX754 is guaranteed to stand out on your worktop, and the Kenwood name provides the confidence that this stand mixer will be durable and reliable. Plus, it’s available in a number of colours, including red, black, and cream, so you can choose the option that suits your tastes.

The Kenwood KMix KMX754 stand mixer is very easy to use, and it’s quiet too. It comes with a range of non-stick tools which are all dishwasher friendly, making cleaning the mixer a breeze, including the K-beater, a balloon whisk, and a dough hook. This Kenwood stand mixer boasts a 5l glass mixing bowl and a 1000W motor, making creating dough and cake mixes hassle-free and enjoyable.

There are also a number of additional attachments to choose from which can help you with other cooking tasks, such as rolling pasta and grinding meat, giving you yet another excuse to opt for the Kenwood KMix KMX754BK stand mixer.

Bosch OptiMUM MUM9G32S00 Stand Mixer

The Bosch OptiMUM MUM9G32S00 stand mixer is a great choice for bakers as it mixes cake batter perfectly and creates a consistency that rises really well in the oven. It boasts a large 5.5l bowl which makes it ideal for all recipes, and the bowl has two handles so that it’s easy to carry when full.

Bosh food mixer
Bosch OptiMUM MUM9G32S00 Kitchen Machine
Available from

You may be disappointed if you like to eat leftover cake mix from the bowl, as the Bosch OptiMUM MUM9G32S00 expertly removes all batter from the sides to include it within the bulk of the mixture.

It comes with a metal beating whisk and a kneading hook, both of which are dishwasher-friendly, and extra accessories can be bought separately if required. This stand mixer has seven speed settings and a pulse function, giving you plenty of options when mixing up your creations.

The one thing that lets the Bosch OptiMUM MUM9G32S00 stand mixer down is its ability to whip cream, as this takes longer than other mixers and produces quite a thin result. However, if you’re not thinking about using your new stand mixer for whipping, you’ll be impressed with its other functions.

The Bosch OptiMUM MUM9G32S00 has a wide flume which enables you to easily add ingredients during the mixing process, although this doesn’t have a lid so you will need to take care when adding light ingredients, such as flour. It’s long cable makes it ideal for setting up in any area of your kitchen, and it boasts an effective splashguard for keeping your kitchen worktops clean.

Cuisinart Precision SM50U stand mixer

Another great all-rounder, the Cuisinart Precision SM50U stand mixer is a worthy addition to any kitchen. Boasting a 5.2l bowl, this is the perfect option for creating a whole range of recipes, and this stand mixer is capable of kneading, whipping, and whisking to a high quality.

Black food mixer
Cuisinart SM50U Precision 5.2L Stand Mixer
Available from

The Cuisinart Precision SM50U stand mixer’s twelve speed settings mean that you can create batters and creams with great precision, and it’s very easy to both use and clean. It comes with a whisk, a beater, and a dough hook, plus it has a plastic splashguard which will help you to keep your kitchen worktops free from escapee ingredients.

Everything other than the whisk can be popped into the dishwasher when you’re finished, and the main body of the appliance will just need wiping down to keep it looking great.

Unlike the Bosch stand mixer, this one will require some scraping around the sides of the bowl when making cake batter – which may be good news for those who like to indulge in eating a bit of cake mix – but it will produce light and airy results. The Cuisinart Precision SM50U stand mixer is available is glossy black or white, and has a modern, sleek look that’s bound to make a great impression in any kitchen.

Now that you’ve read all about three of the best stand mixers available, choose the one that best suits you and start mixing up a storm in the kitchen today.

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