Three top rated juicers for your kitchen

Lady using a juicer

Using a juicer can be a great way to introduce more fruit and vegetables into your diet, especially if you’re always on the go.

With so many juicers available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one best suits your needs. Here, we share three of the top rated juicers for your kitchen so that you can make an informed decision.

Philips Viva HR1832/01 Juicer

Rated as Which?’s top juicer, and priced at a reasonable £69.99, the Philips Viva HR1832/01 juicer is the perfect choice for those looking for great quality on a mid-range budget.

Compact juicer
Philips Viva Collection Compact Juicer
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The best thing about this juicer is that it works very quickly, so you can be enjoying your healthy treat in no time, and all parts are dishwasher-safe which makes cleaning this appliance a breeze. The Philips Viva HR1832/01 juicer is very easy to use, and its non-slip feet offer a practical addition too.

This juicer can produce 1.5l of juice which makes it ideal for families, and pulp collection is simple so you don’t need to worry about messy processes. The only issue raised about this juicer is that the feeding shoot is quite small, but this just means that your ingredients will need to be chopped up in advance.

Braun J500 Spin Juicer

Priced at around £140, the Braun J500 Spin Juicer is a pricer option but will produce you a glass of juice in just 15 seconds – perfect for those mornings when you’re rushing to get out of the house. Which? found that this juicer extracted the most juice from veggies, making it an economical choice, and the juice produced is smooth and very enjoyable.

Braun juicer
Braun J500 Spin Juicer
Available from

The Braun J500 Spin Juicer’s feeding shoot is large enough to process whole fruits which makes it very easy to use, and it comes with a cleaning brush which makes it simple to maintain. It has the capacity to make 1.25l of juice which is plenty for families, or for having enough left for the following day.

Philips Avance Juicer HR1922/21

Those who love vegetable juice will get on well with the Philips Avance Juicer HR1922/21 thanks to its ability to perfectly juice your favourite veggies.

Phillips juicer
Philips Avance Collection Juicer
Available from

Boasting fibre boost technology which allows you to choose the consistency of your juice, this juicer also has quick clean technology which makes it very easy to maintain, and a non-drip design to keep your kitchen free from juice splashes.

The Philips Avance Juicer HR1922/21 has an extra large feeding shoot so preparation is minimal, and it has a quiet motor which is always a great benefit when it comes to kitchen appliances.

Now that you know all about these three top rated juicers, choose your favourite and add more fruit and vegetables to your diet today.

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