Bathroom Storage Basics

Bathroom Storage Drawer

One room in the house that gets an awful lot of use is the humble bathroom and yet it is often the one room in the house where we don’t think about adding in extra storage.

Do you need storage in the bathroom? The simple way to answer that question is to go and take a look around.

Is the window sill crammed full of pots, bottles and other things? Could you do with space for all of those extra products that you keep in hand? What about towels, do you have enough space for them?

There are lots of ways of creating storage even in the smallest of bathrooms and they can help not only to keep it a tidy space but also makes it easier to keep clean too.


The good old bathroom cabinet might seem like an all too obvious solution, however, they really do come in all shapes, sizes and designs and they give you shelf space for lots of things with a mirrored doors and even illuminated. If you have children, they can also offer a high place to keep medicines safely out of reach.

Choose a size that works with the space that you have and if you have a smaller bathroom, avoid anything too large which might overwhelm the room.

Alternatively, if you have enough space, go for a full length cabinet which not only gives you almost floor to ceiling storage, this will give you a full length mirror which is useful and can also create the impression of light and space in the room.

If a wall cabinet isn’t right, why not try a small short cupboard or storage unit that sits on the floor. This can be wider and with deeper shelves which hold a lot more. If it can fit under the sink, even better as this can be a great way to make use of an otherwise wasted space.

If you are lucky enough to have a built in cupboard below the sink, make sure you maximise your space.

Stackable storage bins or boxes ensure that no space is wasted and you can even use the back of the door by attaching wire racks, a plastic shoe tidy or even magazine holders.


Baskets can be perfect in a bathroom. They look great and don’t cost too much. Depending on the size, you can use them to store anything from towels to toiletries and even those unsightly toilet rolls.

Smaller baskets can slot onto shelves and window sills or in cupboards or larger or different sized baskets can stack to hold a variety of different things.


Shelving is the perfect storage solution and even in the smallest of bathrooms, you can be creative with shelves. Shelving can hold storage baskets, towels, toiletries and more. Floating shelves look attractive and fit in any sized space.

Having a shelf above the sink is an essential. It doesn’t have to be big but it can hold toothbrushes and toothpaste along with other things that are needed within easy reach of the sink.


Towels can be difficult to store both when they are being used and when they have been washed. Being able to keep them in the bathroom is handy and it ensures that you never get caught out.

Tall narrow shelves can look really effective with rolled up towels inside and this can add an eye-catching feature to the room.

As for those wet towels, try to avoid keeping them on the radiator, invest in a towel rail or you can even attach single towel rails to the back of the door which is a great space saving idea.

Why not use a set of over the door hooks which you can attach to the door or if you can why not attach it to the top of the shower cubicle as this makes the ideal place to pop your towels to dry and it also keeps them out of the way.

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