Bathroom Storage Drawer

Bathroom Storage Basics

One room in the house that gets an awful lot of use is the humble bathroom and yet it is often the one room in the house where we don’t think about adding in extra storage. Read more

Kitchen storage

Making the most of space in the kitchen

However big your kitchen is, there never seems to be enough space for everything but a few clever tricks and ideas can make the difference between a cluttered kitchen and a kitchen that is clutter free and working well for you. Read more

Shed storage

The Annual Clutter Clear-out

Sorting your clutter should be an annual event. It gives you the chance to take a long hard look at all of the things that you own and decide which things you need and which things you don’t. Read more

Designer kitchen

An Interior Designer’s Dream Kitchen

To quote Terence Conran, author of the highly acclaimed Kitchen Book, “a kitchen provides physical and spiritual nourishment, and for many homes is now the heart and soul of family life.” The … Read more