Smart or Stupid? The Smarter iKettle

With everything in the home having a technical makeover, it isn’t surprising that a smart kettle is now available.

As a nation of tea drinkers, with a growing number of people that can’t kick start their day without a cup of coffee, it was only a matter of time before an iKettle was invented to make preparing hot drinks that little bit more hassle-free.

Is an internet enabled kettle really necessary? Here, we try to decide whether this new kitchen addition is smart or stupid.

Smart Kettle
Smarter iKettle Smart WiFi Internet Smart Kettle
3000w, Brushed Stainless Steel, 1.8 Litre
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What is the Smarter iKettle?

The Smarter iKettle is a kettle that can be controlled via an app and linked to other smart home devices, such as Alexa and Google Home. It was created due to the fact that the UK spends 33 hours a year waiting for the kettle to boil, and losing this much time to making drinks is simply not efficient.

The iKettle can be remote boiled from anywhere using its app, and you can even set prompts and alarms so that it is newly boiled when you wake up or as you get in from work.

Although these are convenient features, we wonder whether the two minutes it takes to boil the kettle are really impacting on anyone’s day that much, especially seeing as you don’t have to stand and watch the kettle as it boils if you have something else to do.

Other iKettle features

The iKettle does have some other handy features. You can adjust the boiling temperature via the app which is useful if you drink a range of hot drinks and don’t want to burn your tea leaves or spoil your coffee beans.

In addition to this, you can see how much water is in the kettle before you boil it so that you know how many cups you’ll be able to make. Although if there isn’t enough in there, the iKettle (unfortunately) isn’t going to fill itself.

App control fro the Smart Kettle
The iKettle App
Turn your kettle on, Control the temperature, Check it’s got water in it, etc

Is the iKettle smart or stupid?

The Smarter iKettle does have some useful features, but it isn’t really going to blow your mind when it comes to what it can do.

If you really haven’t got the time to boil the kettle when you get up or return home from work it will save you a few minutes, but other than that you’ll probably find that it’s a bit of a novelty rather than a serious addition to your kitchen.

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