Should you buy a wine cooler?

Wine cooler fridge
Wine cabinets let you do more than just store and chill wine. They look great whether stylish in-column or convenient under counter. Wine coolers are a great way to show off your wine collection, or lack of it as the case may be!

Whatever the situation the wine needs to be lovingly cared for to ensure that each unique flavour tastes as its maker intended. So if you’ve spent years creating a great wine collection or just want the convenience of chilled wine on hand, a wine cooler is a great way to effectively store and display your wine.

For wine to reach its full potential and to stay in perfect condition, it must be stored in proper conditions without fluctuation, protected from light and vibration.

Wine connoisseurs will know that certain wines are at their best when enjoyed at specific temperatures. With this in mind, a wine cooler is a great idea. But are they worth the money if your consumption of wine is limited to a bottle or two here and there?

Dual Zones and Temperatures

The number of storage zones you need depends on a number of factors. Do you buy red, white or rose? How many bottles? Would you like to chill other drinks?

Wine is sensitive and each wine type needs to be stored at a particular temperature. Wine coolers are designed to maintain an optimum environment for storing wine whether you want to store it for days or years.

A dual zone model gives you more flexibility. It’s useful for storing red and white at different temperatures or white and white in different zones for both storage and serving.


Although you may not be aware, the slightest vibration or change in humidity can affect a wines taste. Some models also have low vibration compressors so the sediment balance is undisturbed.

Lighting and Storage
It is key that the correct lighting is used with the wine coolers. Ultraviolet light causes wine to prematurely age so it’s important to store wine away from sunlight and fluorescent light.

Not only does it look great, but LED lighting is completely UV-free and does not produce any heat, ensuring wine is kept in perfect condition. This is why wine coolers have UV protected glass doors as well. Bottles should always be stored on their side to keep the cork moist and ensure a good air seal, preventing oxidation and immediate ageing of the wine.

Wine coolers are a stylish addition to any household decor. Slot-in wine coolers are easy to install and can be built-in under kitchen worktops to blend with the lines of your kitchen. A smart wine coolers will effectively showcase your wine whilst adding style, sophistication and practicality to your kitchen.

Here, we take a look at three top rated wine coolers to help you to decide if you should buy one for your home.

CDA FWC304BL Wine Cooler

With an RRP of £329, the CDA FWC304BL wine cooler is Which?’s top rated wine cooler thanks to scoring well in all of their tests. Boasting five wooden, slide-out shelves and the capacity to store 20 bottles of wine, this wine cooler has a temperature memory function and a very accurate thermostat, meaning that your bottles will be kept chilled to their optimum temperature at all times.

Black upright wine cooler
CDA FWC304BL Wine Cooler

The CDA FWC304B has a very sleek and stylish design which means that it will look great in your home, and it is run very quietly so you can be sure that you won’t be disturbed whilst enjoying a glass of your favourite wine.

Currys Essentials CWC8B15 wine cooler

Coming in at a reasonable price is the Currys Essentials CWC8B15 wine cooler with an RRP of just £80. Designed to hold eight bottles of wine, this wine cooler is very easy to clean and use, and cools down to the required temperature quickly.

Rising room temperatures don’t have an impact on this fridge, so you can be rest assured that your wine will be perfectly chilled when it comes to drinking it, even on the warmest days.

Compact wine cooler
ESSENTIALS CWC15B20 Wine Cooler – Black

Which didn’t find any major flaws when testing the Currys Essentials CWC8B15 wine cooler, which makes it unbelievably great value as it’s around quarter of the price of its rivals. The only issue would be if it’s not big enough for your wine collection, but at this price you could always buy two and still be saving money.

Candy CWC 021MK Freestanding Wine Cooler

The Candy CWC 021MK Freestanding Wine Cooler is a low cost option and its 21 bottle capacity makes it ideal for parties and celebrations.

Candy Freestanding Wine Cooler
Available from

LED lighting and a glass door enable you to see your wine bottles easily, and its thermostat control means that you can choose exactly what temperature you’d like to keep your wine bottles at. One of the best things about the Candy CWC 021MK Freestanding Wine Cooler is its sleek design, and its chrome shelves look great and are sturdy and durable too.

One issue that you might find with the Candy CWC 021MK Freestanding Wine Cooler is that if your wine bottles are slightly larger than standard you may struggle to get them in, but its generous capacity means that this shouldn’t cause too much of a problem.

Think that you should buy a wine cooler? Choose one of the three listed above and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

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