Getting the Right Size Stables for Horses

Horse beside a stable

If you have any animals, then ensuring you have the right sized accommodation for them is crucial for their health, safety and wellbeing.

If you’re unsure of how big a stable should be for horses, then read on to discover the facts about getting the right size stables.

Before you buy a horse, you should give careful consideration to all the elements involved in horse care, including where your horse will live.

If you are buying a stable, or having one made, it’s essential that it is able to comfortably accommodate your horse.

The basic criteria involved are that horses should be able to stand up and turn around easily in their stable, plus lie down and roll easily without knocking into anything that could hurt them.

Equestrian experts provide some recommendations for the minimum stable size for a single horse – although you can of course have a stable that is much roomier. The basic recommendations are:

  • A 12ft by 12ft (3.65m x 3.65m) stable for an average sized horse.
  • A 12ft by 14ft (3.65cm x 4.3m) stable for a larger horse.
  • A 10ft by 10ft (3m x 3m) stable for an average sized pony.
  • A 10ft by 12ft (3m x 3.65m) stable for a larger pony.

If you’re housing several horses in a stable, then you should allow an five feet for each horse. Stable heights should measure between nine and 11 feet and you should always ensure there’s at least three feet between the top of your horses head and the roof of the stable.

In addition to these practical considerations, when deciding on the right size stable for your horses you should also look at the type of horses you’ve got – what their height is, the length of the horse and its build. It’s also good to take into account the individual temperament of each horse and their overall disposition, as some may get on better with a bit more space.

Your horse stable should allow for plenty of air to flow freely around the building, there should be source of water nearby and there should be ample drainage available too.

Foaling Stables

When it comes to accommodating foals and horses, then extra care should go into deciding the right size of a foaling stable, or foaling box.

More space will be required than with a normal horse stable, as the mare will need adequate space to move around in and be comfortable in during the time they are foaling and after the foal is born.

If the stable is too small, then there could be the risk that the horse will accidentally roll over onto its new born foal, or that the foal will get trapped by its mother.

The minimum size recommendations for a foaling stable or foaling box are 12ft by 12 ft (3.65m x 3.65m) for an average sized horse, or 14ft by 14ft (4.3m x 4.3m) for a larger horse.

When you are having your foaling stable constructed, pay careful attention to the size of the door or entrance.

This because, during the latter stages of pregnancy, the mare will be expanding in size and may have difficulty in fitting through a standard sized stable door.

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