Wall-mounted thermostat

Heating And Cooling Systems

There are quite a few alternatives to gas and electric heating and the choice is getting larger as ecological issues and climate change come to the forefront of our lives. Read more

Radiator with thermostat

Central Heating And Boilers

There’s a bewildering selection of boilers these days and almost as many different heating systems to select from. We guide you through the maze. Read more

electrical tools

Adding Sockets And Lights

Subtle and pleasant changes in the atmosphere of your home can be achieved with creative lighting and sometimes all you need to do is change a few lights and sockets. Read more

Alexa speaker

Home Entertainment and Remote Control

Wiring up your home used to mean lights and sockets, but as computers, television radio and music all begin to converge in a blur the modern home needs to be wired for sound and vision. Read more

forced entry

Installing Security Systems

It’s a sad fact that more and more people in the United Kingdom feel a need to install a security system, or at least beef up their current security precautions. Read more


How to Utilise Water Saving Systems

The idea of using water as a precious resource is beginning to become natural to people these days but only a few decades ago it was completely alien. The new focus on ecology has delivered systems to help make the best use of our water. Read more