John Lewis Microwave Ovens

When choosing a budget microwave oven it can be easy to overlook the own branded options that offer good value with the reassurance of a trusted name behind them.

This stainless steel option from John Lewis offers exceptional value as well as great performance, lots of good reviews and a choice of a standard microwave or a combination microwave with grill and mini-oven.

Staandard 25 litre microwave
JLSMWO09 25 Litre Microwave
A 900W Microwave with a stainless steel finish, 25 litre capacity and 8 power levels
W51 × D42 × H30 cm
Combination microwave oven
JLCMWO011 32 Litre Combination Microwave Oven
A 100W Combination Microwave with 32 litre capacity and 10 power levels
W52 × D48 × H31 cm

Rated by Which as ‘one of the best on test‘ the JLSMWO09 is not the cheapest option you’ll find but it does perform well all-round as well as being notable for heating food not only efficiently but evenly too. This model is also noticeably quieter in operation than some of its peers.

The digital controls also offer a good range of functions without being overly complicated. The JLSMWO09 also comes with a free 2 year guarantee.

For those requiring a little more functionality, the JLCMWO011 combines a standard microwave with a built-in grill and mini-oven. Slightly larger in capacity, this oven is a lot more versatile and may be worth the extra cost when you take into account the added benefits. This oven also comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Reviews for both options are overwhelmingly positive

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