Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld vacuum cleaners offer excellent convenience when you spill something and getting the main vacuum out is just too much hassle. Ideal for cleaning the inside of cars, staircases, and those hard to reach areas, handheld vacuum cleaners are certainly a useful item to have in the home, but should you buy one for yourself?

What types of handheld vacuum cleaners are there?

As with more household appliances, there is a choice when it comes to buying a handheld vacuum cleaner. The cheapest options are essentially a basic canister with a wide hole at the top which will easily suck up things like spilt sugar or coffee granules, but aren’t particularly useful for anything else.

Rechargeable handheld vacuum
Shark WV200UK Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
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Higher-end handheld vacuum cleaners come with a range of attachments which make different cleaning jobs that little bit easier. For example, there might be crevice tools which are great for getting into tight corners, or extension hoses for vacuuming behind larger pieces of furniture that you don’t want to move.

Things to consider when buying a handheld vacuum cleaner

One of the top things to consider when buying a handheld vacuum cleaner is its battery life. The last thing you want is to be trying to vacuum for it to run out of power halfway through, so seeking out an option with a battery life of around 30 minutes is recommended.

Some only last for about 5 minutes on full charge, and although this might be enough for cleaning up a little spill, it won’t be particularly useful for anything else. Another thing to consider is the weight and size of the appliance. More powerful handheld vacuum cleaners will be heavier due to having bigger motors, but you need to be able to compromise between power and weight – it is meant to be convenient to use after all.

No matter which handheld vacuum cleaner you opt for, you may find that it isn’t heavy duty enough to deal with big cleaning jobs. For example, it’s likely that you wouldn’t be able to vacuum your entire car interior without having to empty the canister or recharge it.

If you do decide to buy one of these appliances, you should keep this in mind to avoid disappointment as, although they can be super convenient, they’re certainly not a replacement to a full-sized vacuum cleaner.

If you’ve decided that a handheld vacuum cleaner would be a useful addition to your home, shop for one that suits your needs best today.

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