Everything you need to know about sandwich makers

If you love indulging in a toasted sandwich, or toastie, you simply need to have a sandwich maker in your house. Easy to use with delicious results, these popular home appliances are the ideal tool for creating tasty breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.

Sandwich maker
Cuisinart Deep Filled Sandwich Maker
This deep-fill option with a variable temperature control and removable plates is a good option. Not the cheapest but solid and reliable.
Available from johnlewis.com

How does a sandwich maker work?

Sandwich makers work by securing two slices of bread together around your chosen filling using a combination of heat and pressure. This results in a hot bread pocket packed full of your favourite sandwich ingredients.

You can try any fillings that you like, although cheese is a popular option as it melts beautifully and creates a really indulgent breakfast or lunch.

Things to look for when buying a sandwich maker

There are a few things to consider when buying your own sandwich maker. Firstly, you want to find an option that heats up quickly, as you don’t want to be waiting too long for your perfect toastie.

Secondly, you need to find a product that creates a good seal. This way, you can avoid having sandwich filling oozing out from between the slices of bread and ensure that your toastie ingredients remain perfectly contained throughout the cooking process.

Another sandwich maker feature to look for is interchangeable grill plates. This option means that you won’t have to stop at toasted sandwiches and can make a whole range of delicious snacks, such as waffles and paninis.

Sandwich makers with removable plates are also handy as they’re easier to clean and maintain than those which come as one solid piece.

Timers and adjustable heat settings are great sandwich maker features, as they can help you to discover how to make the best toastie.

As with most things, people have their own preferences when it comes to toasted sandwiches, and being able to easily experiment with heat and duration can ensure that you create your perfect toasted sandwich every time.

Tips for cleaning a sandwich maker

Toasting sandwiches can be messy, especially if your sandwich maker doesn’t create a good seal, or if you have gone a bit overboard with the filling. However, sandwich makers are easy to clean, and it’s important that you always do this after use.

If there is dried on, stubborn residue on your sandwich maker, you can remove this using a wooden or plastic spatula wrapped in a damp cloth, and a wooden toothpick is the perfect tool for getting into fiddly grooves that can’t be reached with a sponge.

Feeling hungry? Find your perfect sandwich maker today and you can be enjoying toasties in no time.

Deep-fill toastie maker
Breville Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster and Toastie Maker with Removable Plates
If you just want a solid, reliable but basic sandwich maker this option fits the bill. No fancy features but a deep-fill capacity and removable cut & seal plates make it a good choice at a budget price.
Available from amazon.co.uk
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