Under the Sink Storage

The cupboard underneath the kitchen sink is often an area where storage space goes to waste. Mainly because the plumbing gets in the way. However, one of these ingenious storage solutions may help you make the most of the limited space?

Wenko Under Sink Flexi Storage Shelving – this two-tier shelving system is made up from adjustable pieces which can be moved about to accommodate waste pipes and traps and so maximizing every inch of available space. The frame itself has telescopic aluminium rods which can also be extended from 45 to 80 cm. Overall dimensions: 45-80 x 39 x 28 cm. (available from amazon.co.uk)

ADDIS Under Sink Storage – this under sink storage kit is very much similar, the only obvious difference being the colour and shelf pattern. With this set you get a telescopic stand with 5 shelf pieces. Extends from 45 to 84 cm is a little more than the alternative above but still a touch short for a double width unit to be perfect – but good enough for the price. (available from amazon.co.uk)

SO-TECH Pull Out Cleaning Agent (Plastic) – this nifty storage caddy has 3 sections for cleaning products mounted on a metal frame. So you don’t have to rummage around under the sink for each item when you need it.

The caddy is mounted on a baseplate, secured to the bottom of the cupboard, and slides out with one touch. This makes it easy to access, even when fully loaded with all your cleaning products. Dimensions: W30 x D48 x H48 cm. (available from amazon.co.uk)

SO-TECH Pull Out Cleaning Agent Chrome – the same idea but with an all chrome construction. Available with one, two or 3 storage sections to suit the available space. (available from amazon.co.uk)

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