Types of Floor Coatings and Their Uses

Highly polished floor

There are all sorts of floor coatings out there to choose from – whether you are looking for a coating for the home or for a Commercial Building. By adding a coating to your floor you will not only give it protective qualities but will also be able to either change or improve the look of a space.

Before making a purchase, read the usage instructions carefully and ensure you have the right product for the right job.

Also ensure you follow the application instructions to the letter. Not only will it be safer but you will ensure that you carry out the best possible job and that you give your floor the best possible finish. Here are a few of the many floor coatings there are out there.

Danish Oil

Try this is you have a beautiful Natural Solid Wood Floor. It will bring out the grain of the wood and the rich colour. You will need to give the wood two or three coats to start with and then reapply it every so often.

As well as its aesthetic qualities, the oil will give the wood a durability, and render it more hard-wearing under foot. The oil has a pleasant, very natural smell.

Floor Varnish

If you have a wooden floor of any type you may wish to varnish it. Varnishes come in all sorts of varieties, from tinted versions that will change the colour of your floor to quick drying products. You can also opt for water or spirit based versions.

Most varnishes will require two or three different coats. As with all other floor coatings, try a tester out on a small piece of left over wood before applying right across the floor.

Otherwise, you could find yourself spending a few extra hours with the sander again.

Wooden Floor Paint

Change the look of a room by Painting a Wooden Floor. Choose a paint that is designed for floor use. It will need to be hard-wearing and easy to clean.

These days there are all sorts of colours to choose from and you can opt for a matt or high gloss version, or something in between.

Concrete Floor Paint

Concrete floors are very trendy at the moment. Some homeowners are choosing to Polish the Concrete. Others are opting for paint instead.

There’s a wide range of concrete paints out there to choose from, in all sorts of exciting colours. You can also choose to team colours up to give the different areas of your home more definition.

Many of these concrete floor paints will have industrial applications, as well as being suitable for home use.

Floor Sealer

Some floors in the home or in commercial premises will require sealing. Concrete and other porous surfaces have to be sealed in order to prevent them from absorbing spillages.

If you have a natural stone or slate floor in the home, this should be sealed. Quarry and other porous tiles also should be sealed.

Ensure you buy a sealer that is suitable for the floor on which you plan to use it. Using the wrong product could damage your floor and would be an expensive mistake.

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