Tips for buying an eco showerhead

If you’re looking to save on your utility bills, buying an eco showerhead could be a good first step. Whether you have a power shower or a mains shower, an eco showerhead can help to reduce the amount of water that you use, which will both cut your water bills (if you’re on a metre) and make your home more environmentally friendly.

Here, we take a look at the different types of shower that you can buy and eco showerhead for, and share a few examples of some of the top rated options for your bathroom.

Bath and shower mixers

Bath and shower mixers are in place when your shower hose is connected to your bath taps. Pressure and temperature is controlled through the taps themselves.

Electric showers

An electric shower will quickly heat the water you need while you’re showering, which makes it an economical option. For this reason, it is unlikely that you’d need an eco showerhead with this type of shower.

Manual mixer showers

Featuring a temperature control that mixes hot and cold water until it reaches the temperature that you like, manual mixer showers are a popular option in many homes.

Power showers

Power showers are the most expensive shower option as you can end up using more water than you would if you had a bath. They use an electric pump to control the temperature and pressure of the water flow.

Things to consider when buying an eco showerhead

When buying an eco showerhead, there are a number of things that you should consider to ensure that you’re getting the best option for you.

Take a look at how a specific eco showerhead is designed to help you to save water. For example, some options aerate the water which reduces the amount that you use, whereas others will pulsate the water or simply reduce the flow whilst you’re showering.

When buying an eco showerhead, keep in mind that the type of shower you have can make a difference to how effective the showerhead will be. It’s certainly worth considering your shower type as you browse the different options available.

Top rated eco showerheads

Eco Showerhead
Pulse Eco Showerhead
Available from

The Pulse Eco Showerhead uses just 5l of water per minute when paired with a powerful gravity-fed shower, which is far less than many other options. It reduces your water usage through pulsating technology which creates small gaps between drops of water, but this won’t have an impact on the quality of your shower.

Eco Showerhead
Ecocamel Jetstorm
Available from

When used with a powerful gravity-fed shower, the Ecocamel Jetstorm uses 6.3l per minute and is suitable for use with electric and low pressure shower systems. It only has one spray setting, which can be a downside if you’re hoping for something with a bit more variety, but it’s easy to install and creates an enjoyable showering experience.

White shower head
Mira Eco 3-Spray
Available from

The Mira Eco 3-Spray showerhead gives you a range of spray options and can be used with all mains showers. However, it uses 9.3l of water each minute, which is quite a bit more than other eco showerheads, and the flow of water isn’t as satisfying as the Pulse or Ecocamel options.

Now you’ve read our tips for buying an eco showerhead, you can look at cutting your water bills today.

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