Space Saving Laundry Essentials

For those of us not blessed with lots of space, or a dedicated laundry room, some household chores can be a real pain in the butt; and none more so than washing and drying clothes.

There are only so many shirts you can hang from the back of a door and pairs of knickers over the radiators, not to mention how untidy it makes the house look.

If you live alone you may not be too worried but if you share your home with a significant other and/or kids then things can soon start to get on top of you.

There is help at hand though in the form of a few clever solutions. And, while they are not going to work miracles, you’ll be surprised how much easier your life can get with the application of a simple idea or two.

Concertina clothes airer
Minky 3 Tier Plus Indoor Airer
This 3-tier clothes airer is a much more convenient and efficient way of drying clothes than draping them over chairs or hanging from a door. And, when you’ve done, it folds away and can be stored in a cupboard.
W59 x D55 × H141 cm
Available from
Wall mounted retractable washing line
Minky Retractable Reel Washing Line
For a balcony or a small yard, this retractable line means you don’t risk getting strangled every time you venture out. The whole unit can be easily clipped off the wall, if need be, too.
Available with a single or double 15-metre line from
Wall-mounted, foldaway clothes airer
Brabantia WallFix Wall Mounted Clothes Airer Washing Line
This clever unit attaches to a wall giving you lots of hanging space but, when you’ve done, can be folded down into a fraction of the space. It’s not flimsy either and comes with a 5-year guarantee.
Available from
16 peg hanger for underwear
16 Peg Smalls Dryer
No need to take up all the line just for a few pairs of socks. This hanger frees up a lot of space for larger items.
Available from 
Combined iron and ironing board bracket
Brabantia Iron Store
No matter what option you go for these combined iron and ironing-board brackets are a godsend for small spaces. Wherever you are storing your iron right now is almost certainly not as convenient or practical as this option.
Available from
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