Internal studwork

Re-arranging Interior Walls

Modern living needs different living spaces to those that period houses offer, so it’s worth considering a rearrangement of internal walls to give you what you need. Read more

Defective pointing

Pointing and Brickwork Care

Redoing the pointing on the external walls of a property that is in poor condition is essential to prevent water soaking into the walls and breaking them down. Read more


Demolition And Rebuilding

Renovation is all very well but if your property is in a very bad condition throughout, then it might be easier and more economically viable to knock it all down and start again from scratch. Read more

Defective wall

Structural Repair

Structural repairs can spell doom to the faint-hearted, and there’s no denying the cost involved. But the good news is that they are mostly repairable and new techniques are developing all the time to treat them. Read more

Damp wall

Damp Proofing

Damp is a perennial problems for buildings in the UK but with a few no-nonsense precautions and some regular maintenance, it can be kept at bay. Read more