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Home Maintenance & Renovation

Written by experienced and enthusiastic experts, our array of well-researched and informative features has been created to inspire and advise you to help you make your home a better place to be.


Renovating a Pond

Pond renovation, from basic maintenance, to total overhaul, is a great opportunity to improve your garden pond. Our guide will help you to get started. Read more

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Designing a Carbon Neutral Home

Aiming for a carbon neutral home when undertaking a renovation project makes sense on two levels, firstly you will save money on energy bills and secondly you will be contributing far less to the problems we are creating for our planet. Read more

2 storey extension

Building a Two Storey Extension

If you’re considering building and extension onto a property as part of a renovation project you’ll get more bang for your buck if you can stretch to a two-storey one. Read more

Wall insulation

Insulating Roofs And Walls

Climate change has pushed energy efficiency and insulation to the front of the property news and it makes solid sense to insulate well whether you are renovating fro profit or just improving your home. Read more

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Eco Friendly Decorating

Green concerns are now more mainstream and property renovators who want to take a responsible stanch on damaging chemicals now have plenty of options to explore. Read more

Building extension

Building An Extension

Extending a house is becoming more popular as house prices soar out of control, and with stamp duty and moving costs taken into account it can often be cheaper than upgrading. Read more

Solar roof panels

Providing Energy For The Home

Climate change is a growing concern and one of the ways that individuals can be sure they are not adding to the problem is to generate the power they require cleanly at home. Read more

Basement conversion

Cellars And Basements

If you’re in a location where living space is in short supply, then the space underneath your house may present an opportunity for you to relieve the problems without having to move. Read more

Architect's drawing

Deciding Whether to Hire an Architect

This article looks at the benefits of having an architect involved in the renovation of your existing property or building of an extension onto it; it also discusses the uses of an architect when seeking planning permission Read more

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Installing Security Systems

It’s a sad fact that more and more people in the United Kingdom feel a need to install a security system, or at least beef up their current security precautions. Read more

Rotting woodwork

Dealing With Damp, Rot And Pests

If you’re renovating older properties sooner or later you’ll come across damp, rot and possible pest infestations. No need to panic though, they can all be dealt with and our guide will point you in the right direction. Read more


Assessing Material Costs

Accurately assessing material costs is vital to ensuring that you don’t waste money, either having expensive tradesmen waiting around or having to throw surplus materials away. Read more


Demolition And Rebuilding

Renovation is all very well but if your property is in a very bad condition throughout, then it might be easier and more economically viable to knock it all down and start again from scratch. Read more


How to Utilise Water Saving Systems

The idea of using water as a precious resource is beginning to become natural to people these days but only a few decades ago it was completely alien. The new focus on ecology has delivered systems to help make the best use of our water. Read more


Obtaining Planning Permission

Obtaining planning permission has a reputation for being tricky and frustrating, but if you take the time to understand the process and find out what the planners are looking for, it should be a breeze. Read more