Garage Doors

Converting Your Garage

Converting a garage is a relatively inexpensive way to create more space for your family. Our guide gives you the basics you need to begin. Read more

Old building

Renovating Listed Buildings

Renovators often shy away from listed buildings and it’s true that you are taking on more work and stress. But as long as you understand and follow the rules the rewards can be spectacular. Read more

2 storey extension

Building a Two Storey Extension

If you’re considering building and extension onto a property as part of a renovation project you’ll get more bang for your buck if you can stretch to a two-storey one. Read more

Building extension

Building An Extension

Extending a house is becoming more popular as house prices soar out of control, and with stamp duty and moving costs taken into account it can often be cheaper than upgrading. Read more

Basement conversion

Cellars And Basements

If you’re in a location where living space is in short supply, then the space underneath your house may present an opportunity for you to relieve the problems without having to move. Read more