Lockabox Fridge Storage Container

Lockable storage box

If you’re currently sharing a living space you’ll be all too familiar problem of housemates who help themselves to your food supplies in the fridge.

Up to now there hasn’t been much of a solution to this nagging problem, short of putting a padlock on the door that is. But this innovative little box may just be the answer you’ve been looking for?

Essentially, it’s a clear plastic box with a lockable door – so only you can access it. A simple idea really but quite effective.

Diagram explaining the benefits of the Lockabox

Features include:

  • A secure 3 digit combination lock; the code can be changed to whatever you want.
  • Removable centre shelf.
  • Protected air vents so anything dripping from above will just run off.
  • The grooved inserts also aid internal airflow to ensure your food stays fresh.
  • Moulded pins and sockets in the the top and bottom enable two or more boxes to be stacked securely.
  • Dimensions: W21 x D29.5 x H17 cm

This nifty box can also be used as a medicine locker in the bathroom or just about anywhere you need to protect your stuff from other people’s fingers.

It’s ideal for students, people living in shared accommodation or for a shared fridge at your workplace.

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