Laura James Shoe Cabinets

These budget shoe cabinets come in 2 designs and are great value for money. Choose from a slimline open-back option with a pair of drawers featuring cut-out handles, with or without a storage drawer. Or a larger 2-drawer option with drawer in white or grey.

2 tier shoe cabinet with oak top
Laura James 2-tier Small Shoe Cabinet
A slimline unit with 2 compartments for shoes and an oak coloured shelf. Wall-mounted with an open back.
W73 × D18 × H80 cm
Available from
3 tier shoe cabinet with cut-out handles
Laura James 2-tier Shoe Cabinet with Drawer
This slightly larger version also has the benefit of a small drawer.
W78 × D23 × H108 cm
Available from
white 2-tier shoe cabinet with drawer
White 2-tier Shoe Cabinet with Drawer
White-painted with round black handles. Holds 12 pairs of shoes.
W78 × D24 × H108 cm
Available from
Grey 3-tier cabinet with drawer
Grey 2-tier Shoe Cabinet with Drawer
A grey-painted alternative with shiny metal handles.
W78 × D24 × H108 cm
Available from
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