John Lewis Recycling Bins

A range of metal peddle recycling bins
A collection of storage bins with a simple and stylish aesthetic, available in a selection of colours…
Stainless steel 2-section pedal bin
2 Section Recycling Bin, 60L, Fingerprint Proof Stainless Steel
Features soft-close lids, carry handles and a pair of 30 litre capacity buckets
Available in stainless, mid-grey and stone finish
W46 × D37 × H70 cm
2-section pedal bin with handles
2 Section Recycling Bin, with Handles, Cream, 40L
Also available in with a stainless or grey painted finish
W45 × D32 × H51 cm
2-section stainless steel pedal bin with handles
2 Section Recycling Pedal Bin with Compost Caddy, 40L, Brushed Steel
Twin bins with the addition of a small container for food waste
Also available with a stone finish
W110 × D55 × H45 cm
3-section stainless steel pedal bin
3 Section Recycling Pedal Bin, 60L
The largest option with a set of bins, each operated with its own pedal
W110 × D55 × H45 cm
With separated rubbish and recycling now a common and regular part of every household routine, finding ways of keeping waste separate from the off is by the easiest way to manage the disposal of everything from food waste to general rubbish, unwanted cans, bottles, and more. Read more…

This collection of John Lewis recycling bins aims to make rubbish storage not only cleaner and easier to manage, but also more hygienic – with the simple but stylish aesthetic of the bins integrating seamlessly into a modern kitchen.

Available in a selection of colours, including white, matt grey, and a silver chrome finish, these bins come in a range of sizes to optimise the use of floor space for your kitchen, and are operated by floor pedals which allow you to access the bin inside without touching the surface.

In addition to allowing for optimum hygiene, health and safety, this floor pedal function hides the fact that each bin is removable from the main structure – making both the general waste and recycling bins easy to empty and clean as required.

The epitome of functional and stylish at-home solutions, these bins make it easier than ever to keep your kitchen clear of rubbish and waste, and to integrate proper recycling into your weekly routine.

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