ISE Hot & Cold Filtered Water Tap

Boiling hot water tap

And so it fell to my turn to contribute to the blog. Of all the thousands of things we could talk about I could not pin it down to one thing, so I decided to make a cup of coffee and BANG! There it was in front if my face – the In Sink Erator Hold & Cold tap. These taps are the latest ‘must have’ trend for the kitchen, producing 98⁰c water at the push of a lever.

Now In Sink Erator say this unit can handle up to 100 cups an hour, not even the caffeine addicted people in our office can get through that much, although I think we may have come close a few times.

We have installed one of these in every staff kitchen area and it is the best thing we could have done, they are so much more efficient than a kettle (and 80% more efficient than heating the same amount of water on a hob) and a lot quicker to. Gone are the days of lining up countless cups and refilling the kettle after each boil, each cup is quickly dealt with using speed and efficiency that Starbucks would be proud of.

There are many practical uses for these taps (not just for keeping staff awake) at home they can be used for; preparing rice, pasta, sauces, gravies; washing up or cleaning stubborn stains; warming baby bottles; blanching vegetables; re-hydrating food and many many more.

There are 2 options for the tap the HC1100 which uses filtered Hot and Cold water or the GN1100 which is just filtered Hot water. Both options come in 2 different finishes Polished Chrome or a Brushed Stainless Steel to suit any kitchen. The tap, tank, pipes and filters all come complete with every purchase so no naughty add-ons in order to install and start using the tap.