Habitat Flicka Wardrobes

Pine frame open wardrobe system
Habitat Flicka
A modular, pine frame, open wardrobe wardrobe system with hanging rails and shelving.

Boasting an open style which puts your favourite clothes on display, the Habitat Flicka Wardrobe collection offers a clothes storage option for every home. Featuring open wardrobes in a range of sizes, this range is minimalist in design and perfect for modern and contemporary households, and in addition to being able to show off your clothing, you’ll easily be able to grab the pieces that you want to wear too!

Double rail open wardrobe
Habitat Flicka Open Double Rail Wardrobe
Features a pair of hanging rails and a lower shelf.
W80 × D50 × H179 cm
Open wardrobe with 5 shelves
Habitat Flicka Open 5 Shelf Wardrobe
A set of 3 interchangeable flat shelves and a pair of mesh shelves.
W80 × D50 × H179 cm
3-section open wardrobe
Habitat Flicka Triple Rail Wardrobe Set
A pair of double hanging rail units with a central 5-shelf unit.
W240 × D50 × H179 cm

The Habitat Flicka Wardrobe collection includes a Double Rail Wardrobe, a 5-Shelf Wardrobe, a Double and Single Wardrobe Set, and a Triple Rail Wardrobe Set, providing clothes storage for bedrooms of all shapes and sizes. Read more…

The Double Rail Wardrobe has two rails which are ideal for hanging both tops and shirts, and the 5-Shelf Wardrobe is perfect for folded clothes, towels, and even shoes.

The Triple Rail Wardrobe Set offers the best of both worlds with rails on each side and shelves in the middle.

The Double and Single Wardrobe Set has three rails. One side has one rail which provides space for dresses and trousers to hang, and the other side has a top and bottom rail. Beneath the single rail there’s room to store bags, shoes, and other accessories.

Each wardrobe in the Habitat Flicka collection has a solid wood frame which ensures that each piece is just as solid and sturdy as it is functional.

The wardrobes require assembly on arrival, but you’re sure to have them built and ready for use in no time, and this makes them convenient to transport should you want to put them in a different room and when moving house.

If you’re searching for practical wardrobe options that will complement any decor, buy your Habitat Flicka Wardrobe today.

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