Fridge Binz Organisers

If your household is anything like mine then you’ll know how difficult it is to keep the fridge space organised? Odd wine bottles, drinks cans and loose packets can so easily take over all the available space if you don’t keep on top of it. For this reason, I think these plastic storage containers, or ‘Fridge Binz’  as they are called, from US company InterDesign, may well be a popular addition to my kitchen storage collection?

Egg storage container

Loose eggs are always a problem, particularly as the egg compartment in our fridge has only 6 spaces in it. This egg holder (Available from has space for 14 which should be enough for most families? I know there is an argument for not storing eggs in a fridge but some ‘experts’ advise it’s OK so long as they are not near the door in order they are kept at a constant temperature – so this unit should be ideal in that case?

Drinks can storage

Drinks cans are another item where the space provided in a fridge is never enough. This can organiser (Available from safely stores up to 9 standard sized cans and will always stay tidy.

Wine bottle stacker

On the subject of drink, wine bottles are another awkward item that take up far too much space but these stackable units (Available from should solve that problem.

Tall, clear plastic storage bin

The Tall Binz (Available from container is ideal for condiment bottles and jars with a cut-out handle for easy handling. I suppose it could be used for all manner of odd-shaped items and not just in the fridge?

Cube storage organiser

Another general purpose container, this time a cube (Available from And, those squeezable drinks cartons are a likely candidate for a good use here.

The Fridge Binz range has a fridge and pantry storage solution for just about every situation.

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