Food Storage Essentials

Food cupboards and fridges are always problem areas when it comes to being organised. And, if like many people, you’re bewildered with the vast array of storage containers available it’s always a good idea to keep things simple.

Firstly, decide for what purpose you need to buy containers since some foods need to be kept in airtight containers and for some this isn’t so much of a concern (foods with its own packaging, for instance). Also consider cleaning (dishwasher safe is pretty much standard these days but always worth double-checking).

Plus, don’t forget you’ll also not be using the containers all of the time, which presents yet another storage dilemma. Stackable containers are ideal for such situations.

Dried Foods Storage Containers

For storing dried food stuff like pasta, rice airtight containers are a must and ideally clear glass or plastic so you can see what’s in each one. Some also have built-in measuring cups which is a smart feature to look out for…

Set of 4 clear containers
Brabantia Tasty and Square Canister Set of 4
Space-efficient, square-shaped containers with silicone lids.
2 × 0.7 ltr & 2 × 1.6 ltr.
Available from
Food storage container with a measuring cup
Brabantia Glass Storage Jar with Measuring Cup
Clear glass container with tightly-fitted lid.
W10 × D10 × H23 cm
Available from
Set of food storage containers
JOLVVN Durable Plastic Food Container Sets
Set of 7 containers with airtight lids.
1 × 1.9 ltr, 2 × 1.2 ltr, 2 × 0.8 ltr, 2 × 0.5 ltr.
Available from
Storage Containers for Chilled Foods

For leftovers and meal-planning a set of airtight containers is essential. Glass is better than plastic and opt for stackable options for space-efficiency.

Set of collapsible food containers
Collapsible Silicone Food Storage Containers
Set of 4 brightly coloured and stackable food containers.
Available from
Set of glass food storage containers
KICHLY – Glass Food Storage Container Set
9-piece clear glass containers with airtight, sealable lids.
Available from
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