Evolution 200 Food Waste Disposer

Waste disposal system

Although not a new concept waste disposals are becoming more and more popular on this side of the pond and as this is the model I have personally got on order at the moment I thought i’d give you a insight into its benefits.

Stainless steel under sink waste disposal system
The Insinkerator Evolution 200
Leads the way as one of the top models on the market for pure quality with a very reasonable price tag.
(Available from amazon.co.uk)

Not only with its fantastic design but it also comes with the added extra of the Air Switch in both chrome and brushed steel effect (to match your kitchen), this can be mounted onto your worktop with the main advantage of this being that your not touching live mains sockets with wet hands.

With the push of a button a puff of air is sent through the pipe to the bottom of the unit which will switch it on and off.

The Evolution 200 model can pretty much swallow any general food waste from fruit and veg to small beef bones so if you purchase one of these you may find that your bin isn’t always full when ready for collection.

Here are some of the optional extras you can buy for the Evolution 200 model:

  • Batch feed cover control: The cover control is for those of you who prefer to have the on/off switch built right into the disposer cover.
  • 60mm Waste Reducer Flange: Adapts the 90mm to fit a 60mm waste and so targets a bigger market as not all competitors do this.
  • 90mm Extended sink Flange: This is designed for sinks up to a 50mm thickness and means that there is no problems with it being compatible with most ceramic sinks on the market.
  • ISE Plumbing Kit: Designed specifically for all ISE waste disposals.
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