Drying Laundry Indoors

With energy bills on the rise and the weather starting to turn, homeowners are on the lookout for cost efficient and convenient solutions to everyday tasks and chores – such as washing and drying laundry.

This selection of products is designed to not only help you cut down on tumble dryer and other high energy-usage appliances, but to make these chores easier to manage and work into your everyday life.

Clothes Airers

Arguably the easiest and most popular solutions for drying laundry indoors is a clothes airer, with this collection boasting both simple frames and heated structures which fast track the process and leave you with warm and dry clothes in a matter of hours.

Indoor clothes airer
Standard X-Wing Indoor Clothes Airer
A simple, foldable solution for drying clothes indoors with a space-efficient A-frame design
Heated free-standing clothes airer
3-Tier Heated Indoor Clothes Airer
A foldable free-standing solution with built in heating elements to ensure your clothes dry efficiently

With a variety of sizes and structures available, this collection of laundry racks can fit into any size of home or interior space, with the folding rails making it easy to adapt the shape according to the space you have available and the amount of clothes that need drying.

Drying Laundry Indoors with a Dehumidifier

You may associate dehumidifiers with damp rooms and cellars but these machines have a number of benefits that you may not immediately consider; drying laundry is one such example where a dehumidifier can be efficient than a traditional tumble dryer.

Cost, particularity in the current economic climate, is the biggest advantage since a dehumidifier can cost as little as 8 pence an hour to operate opposed to a tumble dryer that may cost anything up to £2 a time.

Drying clothes naturally without added heat is also better for the fabrics, making your clothes last longer and feeling softer.

A dehumidifier will also remove excess moisture from the rest of the house during the winter months which will prevent common problems such as condensation and black mould and, most importantly, a house with less internal moisture needs a lot less energy to heat.

A quality dehumidifier can also act as an air purifier, ensuring you home is not just dry but also healthy.

Dehumidifier unit
An energy efficient dehumidifier/air purifier such as the MeacoDry Arete One with built-in humidstart will only operate when the humidity level reaches a certain level so it is not operating all of the time, which also helps save money again.
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