Creating an Outdoor Swimming Pool

outside swimming pool

While it’s true that British weather is often more suited to staying inside than swimming outside, what better way to spend those few glorious summer days than bobbing about in your very own outdoor swimming pool, cocktail in hand.

If you’re thinking of doing just that, our guide provides a comprehensive overview to help achieve your goal.

DIY or DI-don’t

There is a long list of points to consider when building an outdoor swimming pool, and you’ll probably take one look at them and decide to call in the professionals.

Depending on the size and scale of the project and the extent of your skills you might feel able to take on the work yourself, or perhaps some of it, but don’t make any assumptions before you’ve decided on a budget and thought about the following considerations.

What and Where?

A good place to start is with the design and position of your pool. Think about sun, shade, wind direction and proximity to buildings and garden features. You’ll need to decide how big the pool should be and whether your budget will stretch to accommodate its length and depth.

Don’t forget an outdoor swimming pool might require heating and lighting if you are to get maximum use from it, so it will depend on utilities – most importantly water. This is where a professional consultation really adds value – this is a project you’ll want to get right first time.


The creation of your outdoor swimming pool will obviously necessitate the excavation of a significant area of land, probably in your garden.

Think about the logistics of doing this before you commit yourself to any cost. How will you access the garden with the necessary machinery, and are you prepared for the mess that will make?

If you don’t have sufficient side or rear access to your property it might be time to re-think. A project like this will involve the removal of a lot of earth – how will you dispose of it?

How Much?

Thought your budget will dictate many of the following considerations, it’s a good idea to have these detailed in your mind when you meet a potential builder. You’ll need to decide how to heat your pool and how to manage technical areas, like flow control.

A project like this could cost you around £40,000 with annual maintenance costs on top. Factor in construction and labour fees so that you can make any necessary compromises to design and form sooner rather than later.

A beautiful, exquisitely lit swimming pool won’t last nearly as long if you try to skimp on essentials like surround or lining. A decent building company will ensure there are no oversights, managing the project from beginning to end.

Creating an outdoor swimming pool will certainly give your home that extra touch of luxury and turn your neighbours green with envy.

Enlisting the help of a reputable contractor to guide you through the design process and take responsibility for ordering the necessary materials and machinery will provide the reassurance you need to enjoy your new pool for many years to come.

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