Creating an Indoor Swimming Pool

indoor swimming pool

If you’ve already made the decision to add an indoor swimming pool to your home it’s likely that budget is not a concern!

That’s just as well, because if there’s any job that should be left to the experts, this is it.

While an indoor swimming pool is a superb luxury addition to your home, a great deal of technology supports your daily dip. We take a look at the best way to get started on building your indoor swimming pool.

Expert Advice

In order to establish the best place for your pool, as well as assist with design and build, you’ll need to find a specialist swimming pool construction company.

As with any such project, if you can gather a few recommendations from already satisfied customers you’ll begin with added assurance that you’ve hired the right people for the job. Ask neighbours or look for testimonials in the local press.

Look and Learn

Before you meet with prospective building companies it’s a good idea to research the sort of pool design you’d like. This will give you an idea of common designs and optional extras available and help you to hold an informed discussion with the experts.

Decide also how much you can afford to spend and try not to be seduced into blowing your budget.

A luxury pool with changing facilities can cost up to £500,000, and don’t forget those additional annual running costs. You might be surprised to find out just how much you’ll need to budget.

Dream Design

Building an indoor pool is pretty major construction work, so the first step for your chosen contractors will be to take a good look at the space available so that they can recommend an appropriate design for your pool.

A thorough consultation will take into account your budget, your practical requirements (such as any additional features) and the important matter of where to house the water filtration and heating technology that an indoor swimming pool requires, known as the ‘plant room’.

Pool Planning

Unless you’re very lucky your indoor swimming pool will require planning permission, and the most thorough swimming pool construction companies will help to manage this process.

As anyone who has proceeded with a project prior to gaining planning permission knows, the penalties for not following the correct process are severe.

In the worst cases constructions have been torn down altogether, adding stress and cost that can be so easily avoided.

The Science Bit

There is much more to an indoor swimming pool than meets the eye. The technology required to keep the pool’s water filtered, clean, heated and well-lit is complex, and space must be allowed for this in the pool area.

It is therefore necessary to consider the proximity of services like water and electricity which will be essential to the project. If you haven’t already been convinced, this is probably where you’ll agree that this isn’t a DIY project!

Building an indoor swimming pool is a major project with a luxurious aim. It’s certainly not a low budget renovation idea but it’s undoubtedly a fantastic way to add value to your home.

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