Cereal Storage & Dispensers

Most breakfast cereals do come with a box, of course, but there are better ways of storing them, especially if you’re one of those families where everyone has a different favourite.

Most of the containers available are a variation on a general theme. The cheapest options have a simple snap-on lid while the premium versions will usually have some form of air-tight seal. Which is best is just a question of budget and personal taste really?

There are also some nifty dispensers like you might have seen in a hotel, and they are not that expensive. If you have kids these are well worth a look too.

The dispensers below are some of the more popular options.

Large cereal container with easy-flow opening in the lid
OXO Good Grips Pop Cereal Dispenser
This premium option with a 3.2 litre capacity has an extra large opening in the top to allow a free-flow of cereal to your bowl.
W26 x D11 × H27 cm
Available from amazon.co.uk
Clip-top cereal storage with easy access dispenser
Addis Clip & Close Cereal Container
Clip-top container with an airtight, silicone seal plus an extra large pouring spout with a clip-close lid.
W23 x D10 × H24 cm
Available from amazon.co.uk
Large cereal container with flip-top lid
Lock and Lock Rectangular Storage Container with Flip Top Lid
This 1.8 litre option has a sealed lid that locks on 4 sides as well as an easy access flip-top spout lid.
W11.5 x D11 × H19.5 cm
Available from amazon.co.uk
Hotel style cereal dispenser
Zevro Classic Cereal Dispenser
If you are so busy that opening a cereal dispenser is too much effort then there is a solution just for you. Just turn the handle and you’re good to go (although you may have to lift the bowl yourself).
W34 x D21 × H35 cm
Available from amazon.co.uk
Countertop cereal dispenser
OXO Good Grips Countertop Cereal Dispenser
This premium model from OXO goes one better because all you have to do is press a lever until your bowl is filled as you like it. Stores up to 5 litres of cereal.
W20 x D16 × H42 cm
Available from amazon.co.uk
Extra large cereal containers
4L Large Cereal Containers
For family use some storage containers are just not big enough but these extra-large containers can easily cope.
W25 × D12 × H39cm
Available from amazon.co.uk
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