Blanco Under Counter Bins

It is no longer enough for your kitchen to have a bin in place – with councils across the UK integrating different rubbish collections into the weekly timetable, asking for households to focus on separating their food waste from their general waste, and to keep recycling clean and separate from all other rubbish, having the right infrastructure in place is the easiest and quickest way of ticking all those boxes.

Back of the door bin
Blanco Singolo Under Counter Pull-Out Kitchen Bin, 14L
Back of the door style bin with an integrated lid that stays in position when you open the door and the built-in carry handle makes emptying the bin a cinch
W36 × D22 × H34 cm
2-section pull-out bin that fixes to a cabinet door
Blanco Select Botton Manual Under Counter 2 Section Pull-Out Kitchen Bin, 30L
A space-saving design with a pair of 15 litre capacity bins, perfect for mixed use recycling/trash
W25 × D48 × H40 cm
2-section kitchen pull-out bin
Blanco Select Botton Manual Under Counter 2 Section Pull-Out Kitchen Bin, 26L
Fits neatly underneath a shelf with a pair of 13 litre bins
W37 × D40 × H35 cm
3-section pull-out bin
Blanco Select Under Counter 3-Section Pull-Out Kitchen Bin, 45L
Designed to fit behind a full-height door panel this option provides 3 15 litre bins which makes it ideal for family use
W57 × D45 × H36 cm
A high quality bin set-up is crucial for ensuring your kitchen remains a clean and hygienic place to prepare and store food – with the Blanco collection of under counter bins the most time and space efficient way of integrating rubbish collection into the very construction of your kitchen. Read more…

Set into cupboards, cabinets, and even drawers, these bins become seamlessly integrated into your kitchen without using up any floor space.

Whether you opt for a single bin system, a two-container bin or a structure which unites three different bins for different types of waste, these under counter bins are designed to conceal the look and smell of rubbish from the aesthetic of your kitchen – allowing your home to look fresh and smell amazing even on bin day.

And with removable internal containers, the Blanco bins are also super easy to clean when empty.

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