ANYDAY Bamboo Shoe Racks

2-tier bamboo shoe rack
Bamboo Shoe Rack, 2 Tier
W70 × D28 × H40 cm
3-tier bamboo shoe rack
Bamboo Shoe Rack, 3 Tier
W70 × D28 × H62 cm

From the ANYDAY range at John Lewis these lightweight, stackable shoe racks are ideal if you have several pairs of shoes to organize and give you the flexibility of adding extra tiers at a later date.

The solid bamboo frames are durable yet not too heavy, thanks to the slatted shelf design. And, because they stack together easily, with no tools required, are ideal if you need a bit of versatility.

Unlike some other cheap shoe storage options, if you move home or just need to move them to another room they aren’t going to be easily damaged or prove difficult to reassemble.

Available in a 2 or 3 tier options so you can mix and match. And, being such good value, suitable as a multi-room solution.

The racks are self-assembly but are quite easy to put together with basically just the sides and individual shelves to fix together.

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