A guide to domestic air conditioning

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If you live in the UK, you may not have considered domestic air conditioning as long periods of hot weather are quite rare. However, most people who buy an air conditioning unit for their home quickly wonder why they didn’t do so sooner.

With domestic air conditioning, you can say goodbye to hot, humid bedrooms that cause sleepless nights, and can make your home a much more bearable place to be on warm summer days.

How does domestic air conditioning work?

Air conditioning works using a refrigerant which absorbs heat from the room that it’s in and blasts out cool air. This makes an air conditioning unit far more effective than a fan which simply circulates warm air around the room.

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Can I justify the cost of domestic air conditioning?

The thing that usually deters people from opting for domestic air conditioning is the cost, as units can be quite expensive.

Portable units are the most cost-effective, but even the high-end versions of these can be pricey, although mid-price units can be just as good if you find the right one. Once you’ve bought the unit itself, you’ll find that the running costs are comparable to running your fridge, but your air conditioning won’t be running all day and night like your fridge does. This means that the unit itself is the only big expenditure.

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Air conditioning units aren’t only a lifesaver when it comes to sleeping on hot nights, but they can be a great option for the ever growing number of homeworkers too. It’s very difficult to concentrate on work when it’s hot and humid, and as many offices boast air conditioning it seems only right that your home office should too.

You’ll also benefit from domestic air conditioning if you have a conservatory, as one of these units will keep this room cool in the summer when panoramic windows would usually make it very hot.

Things to consider when buying an air conditioning unit

If you plan on having your air conditioning unit on while you sleep, a sleep mode function is non-negotiable as it will mean that the unit runs with lower noise, ensuring that it won’t keep you awake.

You’ll also benefit from an in-built timer so it can switch itself off once you’re fast asleep, or when you’re out of the house.

A remote control is another great feature as you’ll be able to control the unit from the comfort of your bed. You might also like to choose a model with an air filter so that it cleans the air as it cools.

Energy efficiency is another thing to consider when buying an air conditioning unit, as this will keep costs down and can be better for the environment. Efficiency is calculated as the ratio between the energy used and the unit’s cooling capacity, and those with a higher efficiency are the better option.

Ready to add domestic air conditioning to your home? You now have all of the information you need to make the right choice!

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