10 Creative Ways to Store Shoes

Shoe rack

You don’t need to be a Carrie Bradshaw shoe-addict to amass plenty of footwear. A quick scan of my wardrobe revealed pairs of strappy sandals, trainers, flip flops, knee-boots, Uggs… you name it, I’ve got representatives of all the main categories! And I’m not alone.

Without even realising it, we collect shoes like they’re going out of fashion. A poll of top fashion bloggers from 2014 revealed their collection of shoes ranged from 40 to over 200 pairs!

Whatever scale we’re on, from busy mum to Paris Hilton fashion fanatic, we all own plenty of shoes or boots.

What method of shoe storage do you use?

You might be super-organised, keeping shoes in their original boxes, clean and dust-free. Maybe you have a basic shoe rack in an attempt to prevent a carnival of footwear down your hallway. Perhaps you’re more like me and push those sparkly heels to the back of the wardrobe, unloved and uncherished until the next Christmas party.

Whatever your storing style you’re bound to have some shoes you wear all the time and some that are great to look at but only get the occasional outing.

A bit of re-organising might just be what your shoe collection needs. You could even find a pair you’d completely forgotten about!

Check out these clever ways to store shoes

1. Floating Shelves

Several floating shelves by your wardrobe could be just what you need to display your favourite heels. These don’t need a lot of space and you can make a statement by organising similar shoes together.

If you have spectacular shoes (Louboutin’s perhaps?) consider putting your shelves somewhere more visible, like in the hallway.

2. Bookcases

Larger shelves can be used for boots or heavier shoes, with lighter shoes on the rows above. If you don’t want to see your shoes, try using some elastic and pretty fabric across the bookcase to cover them up.

3. Cube Units

We’ve all got one of these around the house thanks to Ikea. Re-purpose a unit to show off your favourite shoes. Add handbags to the spaces in-between for a high-end boutique look and avoid piles of bags in the wardrobe!

4. Hang About

Nail or glue strips of wood to the wall in a closet or under the stairs. Hang strappy shoes by the heel over the strip of wood. Great for using small or awkward spaces. 

Make fancier by applying strips of moulding from the local DIY store and paint in a bright colour to match or contrast with your décor.

5. Try Some Tension

Want to avoid nails or glue? Try tension rods – the sort used for net curtains. Pop a few up towards the bottom of your wardrobe and hang shoes over. You could even use two close together to pop flat shoes on top, almost like a temporary shelf.

6. Coat Hooks

Wall mounted coat racks can be re-used – hang lower down above the skirting board. Pop shoes on hooks and make use of the shelf space above. Perfect for everyday shoe storage.

7. Baskets

Baskets come in all shapes and sizes, it’s easy to find the right ones to fit the space you have. Use several baskets underneath a dressing table or hallway bench. Similar footwear can be kept in each basket. This works well for casual shoes such as flip flops or canvas shoes rather than heels which risk being damaged

8. Boxes

Yes, shoes come in their own boxes but they’re often not attractive. There is such a wonderful range of boxes available from printed card to sturdy fabric. Why not invest in a few to store your favourite shoes?

Take a picture to pop on the front or use a luggage tag to remind you which shoes are stored there. Hat boxes are particularly chic!

9. Wardrobe Organisers and Over-door Hangers

Lacking wardrobe space? Put up a fancy towel rail on the wall and hang it from there. Similar to the wardrobe organisers but with individual pockets – try keeping pairs of shoes to a pocket each. The best part? You can hang them over a door which is brilliant if you’re short on space.

10. Fancy Hangers

Children’s trouser hangers – the ones with little clips, are perfect for hanging up your collection of flat shoes or flip flops.

Get creative and see what you can come up with!